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General Conditions

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General information
    The ownership of the website lies with the company parking Pedroca residing at C / La Loma s / n, Camino Del Rio, 42, Cortijo de Zapata, 29130 - Alhaurin de la Torre and CIF and in this respect, establish the following terms of use pedrocarparking.es website.

Terms of Use Web Site
    The user declares that he is major of age and have the legal capacity to acquire the services offered through the Website.

    The website is operated by Parking PedroCar and, where appropriate, provides the content, products and services to users. End users should know that the contracting of the services listed above is regulated by specific contractual conditions, under applicable legislation without prejudice to partial exceptions derived from conditions that are agreed by end users with the society.

    Parking PedroCar disclaims any liability for:
    a. Malicious Using of the website by end users
    b. Technical problems on servers or computer systems outside the control of the company.
    c. Provision of false or inaccurate by the end users as well as incorrect completion of the required data.

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    Access to the web site does not imply that the user has to provide or disclose records some, only in the contracting of certain services requires the introduction of personal data to perform the service. This information will have voluntary or obligatory character. The formalization of the reservation will be done by entering the data required by the form posted on the website.

    Parking PedroCar reserves the right to make changes to the website without previous notice, to update, modify, correct, add or remove content from the website or his design, and reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the website and services at any time and without previous notice to users who breach these conditions of use.

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General Conditions of Parking

  • The area of the parking lot is guarded permanently by company staff.
  • Access to parking is prohibited carrying noxious or dangerous substances being the user responsible for any damage.
  • Prices and schedules of the parking appear with clarity so much in the office, as in the website.
  • On full days are counted regardless of the hour of entry.
  • Parking PedroCar have a complaints book, so that clients could exercise their right to register complaints or claims regarding the products or services offered by parking
  • The client certifies that at all times able to give Parking PedroCar the responsibility of the vehicle at all times the duration of the service, to this, the client must deposit the keys to the vehicle in the direction of the parking, under the responsibility of parking, in case of not leaving the keys, Parking PedroCar is not responsible for any damages or accidents that the vehicle might suffer
  • Parking PedroCar is not responsible for mechanical or electrical failures that could appear in the vehicle during his stay in our facilities.
  • The client certifies that in the duration of the service, and while the vehicle is under the responsibility of Parking PedroCar, the vehicle complies with all legal aspects that it must fulfill under the framework of the spanish legislation. If the client fails this obligation is under its responsibility to account for potential damages caused to a third parties or Parking PedroCar.
  • Parking PedroCar is responsible for his vehicle from the moment of receipt until their return. After reception the vehicle, the staff of Parking PedroCar take your vehicle to a private and secured to carry out the contracted services, the client authorizes the displacements and all the actions are necessary to be able to realize these services.
  • Parking PedroCar not liable for damage claims vehicles that have not requested delivery of damage.
  • Parking PedroCar is not responsible for any damage to the interior of the vehicle, if upon delivery of the same the client does not request photography of the same.
  • Parking PedroCar will not be responsible for delays that could cause the clients for the wait at the reception of the vehicle, at the time of formalization the contract or for the wait on the return of the vehicle, which hurts or prejudices could cause to the clients, therefore it declines any responsibility. The clients should be aware that they must arrive with sufficient margin to be able to realize all operations with Parking PedroCar without these could suppose a prejudice for them.
  • Parking PedroCar is not responsible for fixed or removable accessories and objects found inside the vehicle, if its existence has not been communicated to our staff in the moment of the receipt of the vehicle, verified the existence and functioning of our staff and noted in the contract before signing it by the client. Consideration expressly that it has not been left in the vehicle accessory or object in the absence of any declared. There does not exist special service of custody of effects and personal accessories.
  • The insurance contracted by Parking PedroCar cover the vehicle structural damage, theft and fire and civil responsibilities under the law.
  • The client will have to take ticket at the entry of the vehicle. It will not have to leave the ticket inside the vehicle. The clients with long term contract will adjust to the procedure established for the rest of users and the established in his contract
  • After the retreat of the vehicle by the client, Parking PedroCar does not admit claims of the condition of the vehicle, extra services and payment made in cash, however in our quest to offer customers the best service any questions will be answered by email to info@pedrocarparking.es
  • Parking PedroCar charge the client the service rates then current website that will appear once selected the date, time, place and corresponding service. As soon as the booking is formalized it was staying in the Parking PedroCar, with the amount assigned sending a copy to the solicitor of the same one. The payment of the booking of clients who realize his reservation through the website or by telephone be carried out in cash at the return of the vehicle. The service changes that could be caused, such as extensions of stay, contracting of other services will be charged separately to the client in the moment of the return his vehicle in cash. Parking PedroCar is not responsible for the payments effected to intermediaries and their return and cancellation policies, so it declines any responsibility in this regard.
  • In case of loss the ticket must accredit his righ on the vehicle by presenting your identity card and documentation of the vehicle. Parking PedroCar will have right of retention on the vehicle in guarantee of the payment of the price of the parking.
  • The users of the parking will have to respect the signs installed in the accesses and inside of the parking, as well as the instructions or indications that the staff of the parking realizes.
  • In case of failure of the vehicle must be notify the staff of the parking and follow his instructions.
  • The staff of the parking will be able to request the assistance of the authority to make to fulfill these procedure.
  • Parking PedroCar disclaims any responsibility in case of prejudices caused as consequence of any labor dispute, strikes, manifestations by staff of the airport of Málaga, airlines, ground staff of airlines, airworthiness, etc, beyond their control, and which hinder or impede the correct rendering of services by the company. In such cases, the company will do a special effort to support the habitual quality of services has been oferring.

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