Edificio "Check Point"
Avda Comandante García Morato, 64
29004 - Málaga
GPS: N 36º 40,537' - W 4º 29,257'
Tuesday, 3 th August of 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What hours has parking?
       The parking does not close, is open 24 hours, 365 days a year and holidays not close
  • Where parking located?
       Our parking is located at the entrance to the old airport access Building "Check Point", Avda Comandante García Morato, 64, 29004 - Málaga
        We have a guide's service to take him to the parking and service vehicles delivering or collecting in Terminal T2 of Departures Parking Expres
  • What type of vehicles can be parked in the parking?
       Cars, People Carrier, 4x4, Vans, Motor Homes, Small Boats up to 7m, Caravans 1 axis and 2 axis
  • Are you guaranteed my vehicle in the parking?
       All vehicles parked in the parking are guaranteed against theft, fire and structural damage, through the civil responsibility insurance policy contracted by our parking
  • How I can get in contact with the parking?
       For any questions please contact us by phone 952 963 591 or via the contact form that he will find in our website
  • Is it necessary to leave the car keys?
       The keys must be left, because the staff is responsible for parking your vehicle parked in the facilities and the parking not be responsible for any damage that may be caused to can not move the vehicle
  • If the parking staff makes any damage to the car?
       The parking will respond for any damage caused by the staff, taking charge of the repair costs, the incident must be indicated before leaving the vehicle of the facilities
  • Is it necessary to make booking?
       Yes is recommended, as this will provide a guaranteed place especially in holiday periods, weekends and festive with bridges
  • How do you make a booking?
       There are several ways to make a booking, by phone (952 24 50 42), from the website (point booking) or directly into the parking
  • How long does it take to answering a web booking?
       In less than 24 hours you will receive in your e-mail the confirmation of the web booking
  • If the price list suffers some change, affect my booking?
        The price of your booking will be maintained independently of changes in the rate of price
  • Can I cancel a booking?
       You can cancel your booking calling by phone or sending a email from the website
Vehicle Pickup and Delivery
  • Can pickup my car at the output terminal of the airport?
       We have a pickup and delivery service for vehicles at the terminal T2 departure Parking Express
       It is necessary to call 10 minutes before reaching 653 946 654
  • If I can not find parking, which I do?
       We have a guide service, call us to the telephone and worker parking will seek to guide you to the parking
  • When I leave the vehicle in the parking, as I carried the airport?
        The parking available to all customers a courtesy shuttle service completely free, which will take you and pick you up at Malaga airport
  • Where do I picks the courtesy minibus?
       The pickup point is located on the ground floor of the arrivals terminal T2, at the end of cover tunnel in front of the taxi stop
  • How notification to pick me up at the airport?
       When you have collected the baggage and are out of the arrival terminal, you call us to the telephone and we will find him at the point of pickup
Rates, Washes and Contracts
  • Do rates include VAT?
       All the rates of parking, wash and mechanics published in the web include the VAT
  • When is paid your stay at the parking?
       Payment is by cash or credic card to the return of the trip when the vehicle is withdrawn
  • How many exits I can do with a long term contract (1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year)?
       When you contracted a long term parking there is no limit to exits
Services provided by the Parking
  • What services offers the parking?
        We offer a wide range of services from outside, inside and complete and integral washing, to a series of small mechanical repairs (oil changes, brake pad, review, and air conditioning load, inspection ITV, etc)
  • If I contract a long-stay parking, does my vehicle starts it every certain period of time?
       Our staff is responsible for every certain period of time to start, check the tires and move your vehicle for the facilities when you returns it is ready
  • ¿Can I ask some mechanical budget that not included in the list?
        The parking will inform you if one can it realizes and the price of the same

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